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Air Rifle target shooting is an international sport, featured at the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games and right here at Impact Blackpool.

What happens during an Air Rifle Shooting session?

Looking to do Air Rifle Shooting in Blackpool or Lancashire? Then Impact is the venue for you! Your session will be lead by a National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) trained tutor, who will take you through everything from the start, introducing you the the rifle, range safety, how to aim and how to shoot. The sessions are suitable for absolute beginners and upwards. If you have fired air rifles before our tutors can help you with your technique and aim.

During your session you will have exclusive use of the Air Rifles range for you and your group. Each session lasts approx 1 hour. Our range is out doors so please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

What is the age requirement for Air Rifle Shooting?

The minimum age for Air Rifle Shooting at Impact Blackpool is 8 years old so it is a great activity for Children’s Birthday Parties or even a bit of something different on a family day out.

Is there a minimum number of people needed for my Air Rifle Shooting session?

The minimum number of participants required per each session is 2 – an ideal activity for couples, smaller groups or families  looking for something to do in Blackpool, Lancashire.

How much is an Air Rifle Shooting session?

Air Rifle target shooting at Impact Blackpool is £15pp.
You can also have a go at shooting our exploding targets during your session for £1 for 5 shots.

Air Rifle Shooting Birthday Parties

Air Rifle Shooting Parties are not your predictable Birthday Party – but do you really want to book the same as everyone else?

Each Air Rifle Shooting Party gets exclusive use of the shooting range for one hour- so it will just be your child and their friends. The party will be fully supervised by our trained activity marshals who will also be on hand to deliver some coaching along the way.


Booking Terms and Conditions

Bookings can be made with Impact Blackpool on our website by telephone or safely and securely online through our website. All bookings require either a deposit or full payment at the time of booking to confirm the activity date and time requested. You are advised which type and amount of payment at the time of booking.

On receipt of the required payment and final availability check, you will receive confirmation of your booking and a receipt for your payment. Please use the postcode provided to generate your own map online using Google Maps or use in a SatNav. If you do not receive theses details on your receipt contact us immediately. If you fail to do this and subsequently cannot find the venue you must accept full responsibility. We can be contacted by phone seven days a week on 01253 767279. Please have full details of your booked activity to hand.

Your booking usually prevents others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with Regulation 6 within the Distance Selling Regulations issued by the Office of Fair Trading. This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends:

Booking taken:-
Cancellation with more than 28 days prior to activity date:- Full refund.
Cancellation 28 days or less prior to activity date:- Full refund less deposit.

Our accepted date of cancellation is when your written cancellation is acknowledged in writing by us. Email: or post to address below. If catering or any other supply is included in the package, this may also be subject to cancellation charges.The 28 day rule includes weekends and bank holidays. Any reduction in numbers must also in writing and acknowledged in writing by us to be considered valid. Any changes in participant numbers are subject to the same cancellation charges as stated above. Verbal changes and cancellations are not accepted in any circumstances.

If an activity is cancelled due to bad weather or any other unavoidable circumstances by Impact Blackpool, your booking will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date for you and Impact Blackpool. You can chose a date up to three months after the original activity date. Activities where Impact Blackpool is prepared to run the session, will not be eligible for re-scheduling. In these circumstances, a customer’s decision not to take part it is deemed that the booking has been cancelled and charges as stated will apply. Refunds are not applicable.

Discounted bookings are at the discretion of Impact Blackpool. Any reduction in group size will result in re-pricing. If the reduction causes your group numbers to fall below the minimum requirement, the price for the minimum number will be charged regardless of attendees. In addition to the re-pricing, cancellation charges apply to each person that is cancelled in a group booking.

The time stated on your confirmation is the arrival time. No participant may take part in any activity without first attending a pre-session safety briefing as designated by the individual activity marshal. The booking will normally be treated as a cancellation in the event of late arrival with the loss of all monies and Impact Blackpool hold the right to turn you away, particularly if they have a busy schedule to meet. This is their right to do so. Your acceptance of this proviso forms part of any booking. Please take arrival times seriously allowing for any possible delays on route to the venue.

Impact Blackpool has the right, at all times, to refuse participants access to the booked activity at any stage of the booking and remove them from their venue if in their opinion the participants are under the permitted age; are the incorrect height or weight; are unfit to take part in the activity because of physical or mental impairment; be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; have arrived too late to take part in the pre-activity briefing; consider them to be a danger to themselves, other participants or members of staff ; or are displaying aggressive and abusive behaviour (verbal or physical). If any of these occurrences apply, the booking will have been deemed to have been cancelled and cancellation charges will apply. There are no exceptions.

Whilst all our activities are as safe as they can be given their inherent physical dangers, it MUST be understood that all safety instructions, directions, warnings and all other instructions must be followed at all times during your time at the venue. You must listen carefully to all safety instructions and ensure you are wearing any safety equipment or clothing properly. If in any doubt you must seek further guidance and help from the activity marshal immediately. You must not attempt to go beyond your capabilities or engage in risky or daring behaviour other than what is involved in the activity itself. It is a given that you undertake the activity with the full understanding of the risks involved and accept responsibility for your own safety together with that of any minors for whom you have responsibility. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before taking part in many activities to say you are mentally and medically fit and well. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the activity for you, you must check with your GP prior to making any booking. If you refuse to sign a disclaimer at the venue you will not be able to take part and such an action will be treated as a cancellation.

All the activities are described in as much detail as possible and are correct at the time each booking is made. All timings for activities are the total time for the sessions and not an indication of a per person allocation. From time to time activities do change both in price, type and duration. Our Booking Advisors will make every effort to provide additional information and clarification about any of our featured activities, however customers are deemed to have thoroughly familiarised themselves with the activity description, all restrictions, including height, weight and age restriction as detailed on our websites before booking the activity. No responsibility can be accepted by us for an inappropriate booking if you do not familiarise yourself with all aspects of the activity in question at the venue chosen either on our website or through your own enquiries before placing a booking. This is your responsibility.

If you are dissatisfied with your activity in any respect, or you have any other complaint about the activity provider or any other matter in relation to the venue or it’s performance, then you must speak to Impact Blackpool on the day and come to an agreement about how you can resolve the situation. It will not be considered reasonable if you have not brought your dissatisfaction to the attention of the activity provider at the time and then complain later. If you take part in an activity, either the booked activity or a replacement offered by the activity provider on the day, it is deemed that you consider that the activity of which you took part is entirely acceptable to you and that a complaint at a later date is unlikely to be considered. Should you have a complaint about the actual booking process, please email: All communications with Customer Services must be in writing, as this ensures that all aspects of the communication between us are clear and unambiguous. Once received we will investigate and discuss the matter with the relevant parties. When we have gathered all the necessary information, we will get back to you.

Should you be deemed eligible for a refund the absolute maximum amount this will be is the monies you have paid to us and will not extend to consequential loss or claimed inconvenience or stress howsoever caused. No exceptions are made in this regard. If you have taken part in any activity during the booked event in question, regardless of the circumstances or conditions under which you took part, then this will negate any refund claim.

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All bookings will be subject to these same terms and conditions without exception. All customers will have deemed to have made themselves aware of these Terms & Conditions and will have accepted them in their entirety and without exception as part of their booking with us. No verbal or other communication overrides these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever.

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