Blackpool's Only Paintball Site

Impact offers paintball on our dedicated site in Blackpool, Lancashire. We are located on Whyndyke Farm which is less than a minute away from Junction 4 exit on the M55 and on the main A583 road. We are only a couple of miles from the sea front and Blackpool Town Centre. Impact  is the only paintball site in Blackpool, others do say they operate here but will require you to travel out of town to play – so be warned. We are open for Paintball six days a week and all year round. Paintball is the ideal activity for Stag & Hen Do’s, Birthday Parties, your Corporate Event or just a group of mates.

What happens during my Paintball session?

On arrival at ‘Base Camp’ you will be greeted by a member of the team and shown where the toilets are and where you can get a tea or coffee (available free all day to our guests). Every participant and observer will be asked to complete our an activity waiver. (Please note that every player under the age of eighteen years old must have an adult present to countersign their waiver.)

Once you have completed your paperwork the team will then give everyone in your group an ID Wristband and assign your group a paint list. This means you can purchase extra paint balls on site without needing to take cash or cards on to the playing field. You are able to check what you are spending throughout the day, just ask a member of the team to see your paint list. Please note that all bills are individual.

Lockers are provided free of charge for you to store any valuables whilst out playing.

You are provided with NBC suits (these are thicker than the usual boiler suits provided by most sites and provide a good level of protection), a safety mask and a battle pack (to carry extra paint on the field). Footwear is not provided so please ensure you wear something suitable for running around outside on rugged terrain. Armour backed paintball gloves are available to hire on site on the day for £2 per pair.

All players are split into two teams and given a full safety briefing which covers all of the rules, health and safety and emergency procedures of our site, this takes around 20 minutes.

You then make your way up to the playing site. We have a dedicated ‘Safe area’ you go back to in between games, this where you are issued with paint balls and paintball markers. In safe area we provide drinking water, there are seats and cloths to clean masks. Before each game our activity marshals will explain the rules and some tactics for each game scenario. GAME TIME! All your games will are fully supervised by the UK Paintball Sports Federation trained marshals, who are on hand to make sure everyone is safe and keep you going!

What is the age requirement for Paintball?

The minimum age for Paintball at Impact is 12 years old.

Is there a minimum number of people needed for my Paintball session?

The minimum number of participants required to open a session at Impact is 8 players.  Once we have 8 players on a session we can take players without any group minimum requirement. This means at peak times such as Saturdays we can take than less than 8 in a group. If you don’t have 8 people please call the office on 01253 767279 (option 1) as we will be able to advise you of sessions that we can add you to).

How much does it cost?

Our Paintball Playing Fee/ “Paintball 100” is £15pp.
Your Paintball playing fee includes the hire of:
*Dutch style chemical warfare suit (providing better protection than standard overalls),
*Paintball mask,
*Battle pack to carry extra paintballs,
*Paintball gun,
*Unlimited air refills throughout the day when required,
*100 paintballs to get you started,
*Free Tea & Coffee on base camp. Water on the paintball site.

Paintball 300 – £25.50pp
Includes all playing fee kit + 300 paintballs.

Extra Paintballs:
£7 per 100
£23 for 400
The average number of paint balls each player fires here at Impact is roughly 500 each (100 included in playing fee + an extra 400 deal). Obviously some players will use more than that, it all depends on how trigger happy/competitive you are!

Paint Grenades:
£4 each
£10 for 3

Paintball Glove Hire:
£2 per pair

How long does Paintball last?

That is entirely down to you again! Previous averages show for a decent half day session lasting approximately 4 hours that a participant will fire at least 500 paint balls. We don’t time limits here at Impact, as long as you are still happy firing paint balls you’re more than welcome to stay.


How safe is Paintball?

Paintball is the safest sport in the world according to insurance and medical statistics, in fact paintball is safer than ten-pin-bowling or five-a-side football! It apparently has a 0.003% (national US statistics) of injuries to the number of players playing in any 12 month period. All games are controlled by experienced marshals who are there both to control the games and also to keep all players safe. We are very strict on safety and monitor the games very carefully – providing everyone obeys the safety guidelines we just watch, and get hit occasionally!

Here at Impact Blackpool all our games are scenario based with each with their own objectives. The idea of paintball, primarily, is to have fun and a great day out – most games involve you being part of a team and your team must obtain an objective such as capturing the flag, capturing a possession from the enemies base or even just eliminating the opposition.

You are only out of the game if you get hit and only if the paint balls splats on you – hand and gun shots do not count. If it does not break and bounces off you are still in the game – also, we don’t allow head shots so if you do get in the head it doesn’t count and you can remain playing.


Paintball Games

Wall of Death

If your attacking – your starting on the edge of no man’s land as you begin in the middle of a bitter war between the two teams. Your team need to make their way down the game area to rescue the prized possession dropped in front of the ‘Wall of Death’ and get it back to your starting point without being hit – sound easy? You do not want to be last man standing if you’re on the attacking team on this game The defending team are barricaded behind the ‘Wall of Death’ and their task – to eliminate every attacker approaching the wall.

Team Kill
Eliminate the other team…Simple!

Capture The Flag
Each team start with a different coloured flag in their base. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposite team in order to capture their flag and return it to your base. The first team with all the flags in their base wins the game.

Stag Kill
Yes its got to be done! We place the Stag, Best Man well you do need to support him, a relative if you brought one (so bring your Mother In Law) up in the tower (this is purely voluntary) if you wimp out you will have to live with some serious stick, anyway the rest of the guys then attack you . That’s it, I can assure you, your mates will really enjoy this one

UK Painball Sports Federation

Accredited Venue

All our activity marshals are fully trained under The UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) regulations and wear uniforms to be identified on site. Our Activity Marshals are First Aid trained and in communication with each other and Base Camp via radios.

Booking Online/Over the phone

You can book online using the form below. If you cannot find the availability you require or have any questions about booking please just call the office on 01253 767279.

To book we require a deposit of £10pp – this becomes non-refundable once you get to 14 days prior to your booking. Players can be added to your booking at any time.

Impact Blackpool